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Sharath Shivarama

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It has been 5 long years thinking about writing my experiences with technology. I had written my first blog back when I was with Infosys in India. After that, it’s been just crickets either because I was very busy with work or was not sure of where to start.

It’s interesting how your 1000s of things go on in your mind when there is nothing to do. Here I’m on my way flying to Manila via Hong Kong with my brain full of thoughts on how to make my weeklong visit fruitful. Somehow amidst of all these thoughts has come back my 5-year-old idea of writing blogs.

Now comes the part where I must decide the topic. Ah, I’m not short of topics for that. The amount at which current work is throwing challenges at me, the rate at which my current company is embracing latest technologies, there are a lot of topics to write on.

The first topic I’m going to pick from the list is going to be “Azure Search”.

I hope the readers will like and provide comments, suggestions, feedback etc.,